Wednesday, November 5, 2014

bird mobile for Lark

My friend Kim is having her 3rd baby, and second girl! I am making a quilt for her and she also wanted a mobile to match.

 photo IMG_2725_zps425c7ee1.jpg
I used the same fabrics from the quilt, plus matching felt and felt balls. 

 photo IMG_2644_zps98bd6438.jpg

 photo IMG_2721_zpsb7ec29d5.jpg
That pink ruffle!!!!

 photo IMG_2709_zpsf9aaa9c6.jpg

 photo IMG_2698_zps01e20871.jpg

 photo IMG_2716_zpsd5f61dad.jpg

 photo IMG_2692_zpseb9d36dc.jpg

 photo IMG_2687_zps2bf89697.jpg

 photo IMG_2682_zps26a07046.jpg

 photo IMG_2675_zps29546613.jpg

 photo IMG_2671_zps446fc44b.jpg
She's my fav.

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