Sunday, August 31, 2014

Arrrrrr! Pirate gear!!!

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I made the nephews a table tent slash table fort last year for Christmas, (sadly no pictures as I didn't have the table it was made for to try it out on but I've been assured that it's awesome!) 

So I decided to make some pirate kits for their birthdays. Inspired by the Goonies of course!

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Each boy got a personalized backpack with a map, hat, bandanna, and treasure pouches. One has a compass and an eyepatch, the other jewels, and the other coins.

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I made the backpacks using the Liberty Backpack Tutorial from the Purl Bee. It was so easy! I made the skull and name appliques out of felt, with Heat N Bond on the back.

 I used my silhouette machine to cut out the skull and letters, then I traced the patterns onto the back of the felt, cut them out and ironed them on. Then I stitched them on with my sewing machine. I dod all of this before making the backpacks. I found the treasure bags on Amazon and then stenciled the images on with gold paint. I made the stencils using freezer paper and my silhouette machine.

I found all the goodies on Amazon. If you want sources, email me and I will look them up.

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