Thursday, November 21, 2013

hot air balloon mobile for Allison

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Allison, my friend, is having a baby girl. Her and her husband are big fans of the movie UP, so they wanted a hot air balloon mobile for her nursery.

It needed to match the Brooklyn bedding set by Pottery Barn, so I got a pillow sham from the set so that I could color match the fabric perfectly.

 photo IMG_0754_zps4f40426b.jpg
So cute, right?

 photo IMG_0748_zpsbedb3c8a.jpg
I made the woven baskets for this set because I've been dying to ever since I made the baskets for the Little Red dolls and realised that her goodie basket was the perfect size for these mobiles.

 photo IMG_0768_zpsd42e2ce6.jpg
I loved mixing and matching all the fabrics for the balloons. Usually I try to make all 4 balloons different, but with my limited purple fabric choices (it was hard to match that dusty purple!) I just mixed them all up.

 photo IMG_0741_zpse6dae9a4.jpg

 photo IMG_0772_zpsea785233.jpg

 photo IMG_0759_zps2ed8e369.jpg
Sweet dreams baby girl!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

cowboy and cowgirl costumes

 photo IMG_0716_zps2fbcf814.jpg
Vests for little cowpokes.

I used this tutorial by Dana of MADE for the vests, and this tutorial for the chaps. I used clothes that were their size to modify the patterns.

 photo IMG_0700_zps0e595f60.jpg
Leah's red vest...

 photo IMG_0694_zps3ec79a12.jpg
...and her red chaps.

 photo IMG_0705_zps49da3938.jpg
Charley's grey vest...

 photo IMG_0699_zps01e1532c.jpg
...and his grey chaps.

And here are the happy kids!!!

 photo ScreenShot2013-11-08at111734PM_zps700c78cd.jpg
Can you even stand the cute??? OMG. I love her!!!

 photo ScreenShot2013-11-08at111713PM_zpsc45d26ba.jpg
And Charley? Such a sweetie pie!!!

Thanks to Kim, I have all kinds of costume making practice under my belt. I always have so much fun stretching my talents and learning new things!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

hobby horses for leah and charley

It's that time of year again- Halloween costumes for my friend Kim's darling kids!

 photo IMG_0439_zps898ff6a7.jpg
Their birthdays are in October, so she wanted their presents to be tied in with their Halloween costumes- Cowboys and Cowgirls need Hobby Horses!

I found this amazing fabric called Sarsaparilla, isn't it perfect for this project??

 photo IMG_0418_zps8dd50d87.jpg
Leah's girl hobby horse.

 photo IMG_0429_zps774b7c98.jpg

 photo IMG_0408_zpsc8e78d3b.jpg
Charley's boy Hobby Horse.

 photo IMG_0413_zpsfd3e4595.jpg

So to start out this project, let's go back to months and months ago...

 photo IMG_0443_zps0bbe8f2f.jpg
I made this prototype from this hobby horse pattern by Chinky Monkey.

It looks a bit like an anteater, the ears are too small and the hair is out of control.

So I started over.

 photo IMG_0448_zpsde2c6d7a.jpg
I re-drew the pattern, modified the ears.

Ears are too big, but the rest is great!

So I modified the ears again, went ahead and made the ones for Leah and Charley. 

The rest of the costumes will be in the next post!

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