Thursday, July 25, 2013

sleepover pals are back!

 photo IMG_9570_zpsb20ac973.jpg
Pop of Paisley

 photo IMG_9573_zps03591ef3.jpg

 photo IMG_9576_zps524b9d39.jpg

 photo IMG_9579_zpsc071dc98.jpg

 photo IMG_9582_zps3ca2450d.jpg

 photo IMG_9585_zps1023509f.jpg

 photo IMG_9588_zps650dbf68.jpg

 photo IMG_9591_zpsd69539fb.jpg

 photo IMG_9595_zps436521d7.jpg
Grey Paisley

 photo IMG_9597_zps185199ed.jpg

 photo IMG_9600_zps25de8a5f.jpg

 photo IMG_9605_zpse6ee236a.jpg

 photo IMG_9608_zpsd2684408.jpg
Flower Garden

 photo IMG_9611_zpsbf590e95.jpg

 photo IMG_9615_zps4255a22e.jpg

 photo IMG_9617_zps812f4bc5.jpg

 photo IMG_9620_zpsff1a0f6c.jpg
Sea Glass

 photo IMG_9624_zps36885aee.jpg

 photo IMG_9629_zps2f813fdc.jpg

 photo IMG_9632_zpsd0525184.jpg

 photo IMG_9635_zpse861cd20.jpg

 photo IMG_9638_zpsf041bf63.jpg

 photo IMG_9641_zps3b3d82bb.jpg

 photo IMG_9645_zpsf3e79dc2.jpg

Available in the shop!

Friday, July 12, 2013

more cute katy kitties coming soon!

 photo photocopy2_zps8aad19a9.jpg

Phew! I've been sewing up a storm! These ladies will be in the shop soon, as well as a bunch of Mikey Monkeys...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

new aprons, finally!

 photo IMG_9563_zpsf4eb6020.jpg
I love this funky floral print by Michael Miller.

 photo IMG_9567_zps20f97b44.jpg
I paired it with lime green ties and a pin dot black ruffle.

 photo IMG_9539_zps0fe4a14c.jpg

 photo IMG_9552_zpse5d4924c.jpg
I'm in love with this whole line, it's called Hello Gorgeous and it certainly is!

 photo IMG_9557_zps75e84d9e.jpg

 photo IMG_9546_zps673af202.jpg
I'm so happy that grey is still so in. I just love it with light blues and pinks.

 photo IMG_9548_zpscdbb9494.jpg
So pretty.

 photo IMG_9527_zpsab445cf7.jpg

Available in the shop!

Monday, July 8, 2013

diapers for dollies

After many requests, I now make diapers for the Tag-a-long Dolls!

 photo IMG_8016_zpsed0b3e77.jpg
They are made of soft flannel, and have velcro closures.

DollDiaper2 photo IMG_8011_zps8927b818.jpg
They come in a pack of 5.

DollDiaper1 photo IMG_8009_zps123934fe.jpg
For sale in the shop!

Monday, July 1, 2013

custom doll for Elena

 photo photocopy_zps660c007a.jpg
This gorgeous doll is for Elena- a gift from her very thoughtful husband. They saw my booth at Renegade '12, and she liked my dolls so much that Randal, her husband, tucked one of my cards away so he could have a custom doll made for her birthday the next year. You have an amazing husband Elena!

 photo photo1_zpsaad2d524.jpg
He had a part in all the design process!

 photo photo2_zpsc53a08ed.jpg
I think he did great!!

 photo photo3_zpsfad6ef21.jpg
Happy Birthday!

 photo photo4_zps0901aa17.jpg

(please excuse the low quality photos- my camera is in the shop and I had to use my phone)