Monday, April 8, 2013

yarn haired doll for iris

Next up, a yarn haired doll for Iris!

 photo IMG_8881-001_zps655d2b5c.jpg
I have been saving this beautiful japanese handkerchief for a special little girl.

 photo IMG_8884_zpsf41bea00.jpg

 photo IMG_8886-001_zps9c3b9cdc.jpg
A new version of the top knot. I learned a new technique from the amazingly talented Jill Hamor.
It's much more secure! I'm excited to try out some new hairstyles...soon.

 photo IMG_8890-001_zps9ffa5512.jpg
Love her lil shoes!

 photo IMG_8894-001_zpsdf1ee4fd.jpg

 photo IMG_8900-001_zpsa8d2994b.jpg
And look at those bloomers! Boy they sure are cute, even though they are a pain to make! Can't have nekkid dolls now can I?

monkey for jack

My friend Mary asked me to make her kids some stuff for Easter, and first up is Jack!

 photo IMG_8909-001_zpscffaf36b.jpg

 photo IMG_8918-001_zps23e2a714.jpg
Baby blues.

 photo IMG_8921-001_zpsdfd7e66f.jpg
Buttoned up.

 photo IMG_8925-001_zps4f9ee7be.jpg
Skinny jeans with real pockets.

 photo IMG_8940-001_zps76155900.jpg

 photo IMG_8946-001_zps867d6f45.jpg

 photo IMG_8949-001_zps7e5504fd.jpg

 photo IMG_8953-001_zpsba618e59.jpg
Keep some secrets in those back pockets for me, lil Jack.

Friday, April 5, 2013

velveteen rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is one of my most favorite books...ever. As a kid I would read it over and over, wishing I had a velvet rabbit to come real for me...

...I have made many bunnies throughout the years, all very cute, but I never found the perfect velveteen rabbit...

...then this amazing book came out. And it had a pattern that looked exactly like the one from my childhood version of the book.

So I knew that I had to make one for my nephew Henry for Easter. I have made many special things for his older brother Van, but this bunny needed to be just for Henry. 

 photo IMG_9017_zps4bf626da.jpg
I found this amazing german velvet at the fabric shop and I've been saving it for special projects only. Soft and fluffy white minky for the belly.

 photo IMG_8982-001_zpsa1b452fe.jpg
Look at that face!

 photo IMG_8986-001_zps183d3437.jpg

 photo IMG_9003-001_zpsd43ffbdb.jpg

 photo IMG_9007-001_zps9ef2b473.jpg
I had a hard time letting him go...

 photo IMG_9014_zps9f86e575.jpg
Look at that little tail! Awwww.

 photo IMG_9021_zpse1cf2c87.jpg
I went to buy the book to send with the bunny, and it had different illustrations! 


So I searched for the one that I remember so well...and I just didn't have time to find a copy in decent shape for a non ridiculous price in time for Easter. I'll keep lookin...but in the meantime, I hope it becomes Henry's favorite too!

And maybe someday I'll read it to him- I'll just have to prepare myself first because as an adult I bawl when I read it. And bawling while reading cute stories to kids kinda freaks them out. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

cookies for leah

Leah has the most amazing little kitchen that her daddy built for her for Christmas. 

 photo IMG_8798-001_zps837ae655.jpg
So she needs some really, really cute felt food to go along with it. 

 photo IMG_8802-001_zpsb1f26ae9.jpg
Chocolate Chip Cookies!

 photo IMG_8809-001_zpse47dc768.jpg

 photo IMG_8811-001_zps68713e79.jpg

 photo IMG_8814-001_zps0c2cd013.jpg
And of course no little baker to be would be complete without some delectable sugar cookies.

 photo IMG_8820-001_zps2924d562.jpg
These are for her Easter basket, but I didn't want them to be too Easter-y. Of course I had visions of colorful striped eggs, sweet little bunnies and fluffy chicks...

 photo IMG_8833-001_zps6af35e26.jpg
But these need to be for year round fun, so I went simple. And I LOVE how they turned out!

 photo IMG_8837_zps2e0db6d5.jpg
Anyone for a tea party?

lil lion plushie rattle for Charley

 photo IMG_8778-001_zps4720e8ea.jpg
I made this lil guy for Charley's Easter basket. 

 photo IMG_8783-001_zps08f3348a.jpg
He's very soft and has a rattle inside!

 photo IMG_8786_zps486a4e9a.jpg
And lots of fun textures!

 photo IMG_8789-001_zps6a55fc99.jpg

Monday, April 1, 2013

spring update

New blankies are in the shop...

 photo IMG_9179_zps38ed9296.jpg

It's been awhile, I know! 

I took a break all of January, then pretty much all of February. (we went to Thailand and it took a lot of preparing!)

But we are back, and I am back in the sewing groove! I've been busy with some custom orders but I am trying (slowly!) to stock up the shop again.

I made this batch of lovely little blankies, and soon- soon I hope to have some dolls back in stock.