Thursday, May 27, 2010

loo loo doll

After making the Annie doll, Lindsay loo-loo asked me to make her a doll- for her birthday. I found a really cute doll clothing pattern- written for the American girl dolls, which are a little bigger than the doll.

I made the dress first:

So cute! but too big- the v-neck especially. So I tried again.

So I made the shirt and pants. Still too big, but since I waited till the last possible minute, they will have to do. I am going to have to alter the pattern again, but they weren't as hard to sew as I thought they would be.

And Lindsay absolutely loved her doll. Now she just needs some smaller clothes!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

effie and ollie on parade!

Remember my obsession with Heather Bailey patterns? Well, I have been busy making myself a troop of elephants. Blue, pink and grey. Cue the creepy Dumbo music...



Ohhh. Aren't they sweet?

And...Heather has a new pattern- Claira and Clancy pig dolls. I am obsessed! I need to make some! Now! Good thing I am finished with these elephants. Yikes.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

fresh picked...

If you ever have an itch to make something really cute, that isn't too hard...
Pick up a pattern by Heather Bailey.

Her projects are so so cute, and she writes her patterns perfectly! I can actually make something for the first time ever, and it looks great! I don't need to make a "practice" one anymore!

And, since they are rather small, I just used scraps out of my huge scrap collection.

I just made these pieces from the Fresh Picked pattern set...

Green Pear

Yellow Pear

Red Apple

Green Tomato

I made a strawberry too. It was so cute, that I decided to make it a cat toy and filled it with catnip. I wasn't even halfway finished with it before Matilda was up on my desk searching for it. So I hurried and finished it, and now it's ruined. She loved it to death in a matter of days. Trust me though, it was adorable!

She takes her paws and mashes the strawberry into her face. It's kinda funny to watch her go so crazy. She even tries to stuff the whole thing into her mouth- which is even funnier. If you like cats, that is.