Sunday, November 30, 2014

katy kitty for Tamara

 photo IMG_2779_zps38b2ad04.jpg
I got a request for a girly non-pink Katy Kitty.

She got a dress out of the coveted Tula Pink fabric!

 photo IMG_2803_zpsa7124e03.jpg
Some gorgeous purple herringbone wool on the back.

 photo IMG_2794_zps51281542.jpg

 photo IMG_2786_zpsdbe3d792.jpg
Cutest shoes!!

 photo IMG_2807_zpsbdb10258.jpg
Here is her other dress. This is the dress that comes with the kitty pattern. I absolutley hate how it fits!!! It doesn't fit, I don't know how to make it fit. Gah. So that's why I made her the other dress. I just don't feel like this dress looks good enough to sell.

 photo IMG_2816_zps51750fbe.jpg

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