Sunday, November 30, 2014

katy kitty for Tamara

 photo IMG_2779_zps38b2ad04.jpg
I got a request for a girly non-pink Katy Kitty.

She got a dress out of the coveted Tula Pink fabric!

 photo IMG_2803_zpsa7124e03.jpg
Some gorgeous purple herringbone wool on the back.

 photo IMG_2794_zps51281542.jpg

 photo IMG_2786_zpsdbe3d792.jpg
Cutest shoes!!

 photo IMG_2807_zpsbdb10258.jpg
Here is her other dress. This is the dress that comes with the kitty pattern. I absolutley hate how it fits!!! It doesn't fit, I don't know how to make it fit. Gah. So that's why I made her the other dress. I just don't feel like this dress looks good enough to sell.

 photo IMG_2816_zps51750fbe.jpg

Thursday, November 20, 2014

argyle quilt

 photo IMG_2947_zps3d82eca5.jpg
I made this quilt at the same time that I made the twins's quilts- I guess I was feeling quilty!!

 photo IMG_2822_zps771eec35.jpg
I used this tutorial from Moda Bake Shop, with a few changes.

I used a charm pack that I had had forever, (Calliope by Riley Blake) a Bella solid brown, and Essex linen in Putty. 

 photo IMG_2826_zpsa7aac457.jpg
I scored the fabric for the back on super sale at a quilt shop in Utah. I guess procrastination pays off sometimes!!!

 photo IMG_2919_zps7d2b9c6a.jpg
The quilting is simple, but I love how it looks!!! It's a machine pattern called cotton candy.

 photo IMG_2924_zps53866c63.jpg

 photo IMG_2931_zps575f72ed.jpg

 photo IMG_2937_zps9e92db15.jpg

 photo IMG_2929_zpsdd56a59a.jpg

 photo IMG_2940_zps4205c3de.jpg

 photo IMG_2954_zps24f570c0.jpg
I might sell it, but I've never sold a quilt before. Any interest? Email me!

Monday, November 10, 2014

baby quilt for lark

 photo IMG_2916_zps4c73dec4.jpg
I've been dying to make this quilt pattern- so when Kim wanted a quilt for her new baby girl I was so excited that she picked it!!!

 photo IMG_2836_zpsbe17ac04.jpg
The front.

We picked a color palette, and I picked fabric from there!

 photo IMG_2846_zps9f4db9d4.jpg
The back.

 photo IMG_2854_zpsa763b4f5.jpg

 photo IMG_2881_zps3edfebb3.jpg
Of course I had to pick the eyelet for the ruffles- making it harder for myself. But using a gathering foot made it SO MUCH EASIER!!! If you make this quilt- use a gathering foot. 

Since the eyelet has holes- I had to back the quilt top with a matching solid underneath so you wouldn't see the batting. It worked out well!!!

 photo IMG_2877_zpse63221eb.jpg
Of course the quilting is amazing. Holly always does such a great job!

 photo IMG_2888_zps96aaaac6.jpg

 photo IMG_2849_zps68efdd87.jpg

 photo IMG_2912_zps934a195c.jpg
So sweet.

 photo IMG_2910_zps747c99b0.jpg
I just love making baby quilts for people that let me make a lot of the creative decisions! Thanks!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

bird mobile for Lark

My friend Kim is having her 3rd baby, and second girl! I am making a quilt for her and she also wanted a mobile to match.

 photo IMG_2725_zps425c7ee1.jpg
I used the same fabrics from the quilt, plus matching felt and felt balls. 

 photo IMG_2644_zps98bd6438.jpg

 photo IMG_2721_zpsb7ec29d5.jpg
That pink ruffle!!!!

 photo IMG_2709_zpsf9aaa9c6.jpg

 photo IMG_2698_zps01e20871.jpg

 photo IMG_2716_zpsd5f61dad.jpg

 photo IMG_2692_zpseb9d36dc.jpg

 photo IMG_2687_zps2bf89697.jpg

 photo IMG_2682_zps26a07046.jpg

 photo IMG_2675_zps29546613.jpg

 photo IMG_2671_zps446fc44b.jpg
She's my fav.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Arrrrrr! Pirate gear!!!

 photo IMG_2746_zps693bb318.jpg
I made the nephews a table tent slash table fort last year for Christmas, (sadly no pictures as I didn't have the table it was made for to try it out on but I've been assured that it's awesome!) 

So I decided to make some pirate kits for their birthdays. Inspired by the Goonies of course!

 photo IMG_2754_zpsfedc33a0.jpg
Each boy got a personalized backpack with a map, hat, bandanna, and treasure pouches. One has a compass and an eyepatch, the other jewels, and the other coins.

 photo IMG_2764_zpsd318272e.jpg

I made the backpacks using the Liberty Backpack Tutorial from the Purl Bee. It was so easy! I made the skull and name appliques out of felt, with Heat N Bond on the back.

 I used my silhouette machine to cut out the skull and letters, then I traced the patterns onto the back of the felt, cut them out and ironed them on. Then I stitched them on with my sewing machine. I dod all of this before making the backpacks. I found the treasure bags on Amazon and then stenciled the images on with gold paint. I made the stencils using freezer paper and my silhouette machine.

I found all the goodies on Amazon. If you want sources, email me and I will look them up.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


 photo IMG_2126_zps5d1faf85.jpg
How amazing are these colors together???

 photo IMG_2114_zpsed3baf05.jpg
I looooove merino wool felt for toys- it's so soft, has the best colors, and will withstand the most rambunctious toddlers. 

The deer on the other hand, would not. She's all hand sewn, so she's just for decoration.

 photo IMG_2111_zps9db68d88.jpg

 photo IMG_2117_zps94526e11.jpg

 photo IMG_2107_zpsea55ce7b.jpg

Monday, May 12, 2014

monkey for felix

 photo 3ca96213-66d1-4294-8658-9946cab48755_zps675a26f1.jpg
I met Janice at a nerd conference a few years ago. Now she has a baby boy and wanted a monkey for him!!!

 photo IMG_2243_zps04fe74c3.jpg

 photo IMG_2246_zpscb45ff7a.jpg
She requested no buttons, so I did felt ones instead.

 photo IMG_2250_zps0cca4fb5.jpg

 photo IMG_2257_zps63afea30.jpg

 photo IMG_2254_zps656088ef.jpg

 photo IMG_2262_zpsbbe95aa6.jpg
So cute!!!

 photo IMG_2265_zps68ebee7d.jpg