Sunday, December 27, 2009

loo-loo loves her new apron


Loo-loo has been waiting forever for her chicken apron. The fabric is Robert Kaufman, and now I can't find it!

It is so perfect for an apron, don't ya think?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

here kitty kitty...

I made this as a gift for someone I love. I am posting a photo or 2 because I can't resist, and because she doesn't even know my blog exists, so I should be safe!



I got this pattern from my mom, who got it from her aunt Wilma. I guess Wilma used to make these vintage pillows for the kids for Christmas- so I wanted in on the vintage family action! I used really soft flannel, and it is amazing! (but really hard to embroider- flannel does not like to be marked by anything!) Oh well, it took a little more time than I anticipated but it turned out better! You will definitely see more of these in the future...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Aprons on Demand!

Here are some photos of some aprons that I have been making this week. A few special requests for Christmas or birthday gifts...

A "mini" version of Sweet Tooth in tiny! So cute! (it's for a 2 1/2 year old)

Apple Dot (pink) for a Birthday.

Apple Dot (green) for Christmas.

Thanks for giving me business! I will make aprons for you all any time!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Felt flower hairclips #2

The colors are off in these photos- but they give you an idea of the new styles that I have been making.

I just got in a bunch of new felt- so I have LOTS of choices for any special requests you may have. These are all the small size- infant and children's. Contact me for pricing.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

new aprons!

So I have been working on these for forever! (it seems like) Pretty much half of November and a few days here and there this month. Of course I thought that if I did a bunch at the same time, that it would save me time, but it didn't. Go figure.

I do have more...but they are not cut out yet and I have to get some more fabric for some of them- so watch for those a little later this month! (yes, I am crazy.)

Ready? Set- Go!

Juicy by Alexander Henry
This one is different than the one I did for my mom. I used a different fabric for the ties, ruffle & pocket.

Sweet Tooth (blue) by Robert Kaufman

Fruit Basket (black) Robert Kaufman

Santorini Collection by Moda

Antler Damask by Joel Dewberry
(I swear I didn't know that this had deer on it. Luckily, it's still pretty cute)

Metro Market Hen (spring) by Robert Kaufman

This one is not for sale, sorry! Loo-loo picked out this fabric so I could make her her very own apron. I should have gotten more of it- it's sold out everywhere I look for it!

And I had accidentally gotten too little of the yellow fabric, and when I went to get more, they had a pattern kit for an apron with this same fabric! So when I asked where the yellow was, the lady wouldn't give me any 'cause it was set aside for the class! Kinda rude, I don't care that they did that, I just wished that she would of been nicer about giving me a tiny 1/4 of a yard.


Apparently I am obsessed with Robert Kaufman right now. Kinda funny. (funny-strange not funny-ha-ha.)

I am selling these for $50. Just in time for Christmas! Please contact me by email-

if you would like to purchase one.

I plan on listing them on Etsy, I just don't know when.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

girl burp cloths

Believe it or not, I actually started theses last spring. Eeek- why am I so behind?

Anyway, these burp cloths sell for $35, they come in a set of 3, and they are made with Premium cloth diapers and cute designer fabric. I dye each batch myself, and they have been pre-washed.

Lil Birds

Light Pink with bird print, Light Grey with pink floral, and Medium Aqua with blue floral.

Garden Party

PhotobucketKelly Green with floral print, Light Purple with stripes, and Fuchsia with polka dots.

I plan on listing these on Etsy, I just don't know when. I will also have some detail shots of each one so you can see the fabric and the colors of the burp cloths better.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

baby skeleton costume

I have been talking about this for like 2 months- and I finally got it finished!

What do you think?

(I love love love it!)

Size 0-3 months. 3 piece set- pants, long sleeve tee, and hat.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

cupcake apron

This has to be one of my very favorite aprons that I have made so far. My friend had me make it for her friends upcoming wedding.

Don't you just LOVE it?

(Britnie's Wedding October 09)

black felt hair clips

New for fall...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

burp cloths

I made these forever ago- but had to figure out the best way to photograph them for this blog. I have given most of them away as gifts- but I still have some left. And, I have some new ones (new colors and new fabrics!) all dyed, cut, and ready to sew, if I could just make myself. (Pictures of the new ones to follow, as soon as they are done, which may not be very soon.)




felt flower hairclips

Here they are! My adult hairclips! (I already sold all of the black ones- didn't anticipate that!)

more to come, I am sure of it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

fabric flower hairclips

I put this off for so long. I have wanted to make my own hairclips for awhile, but I didn't want to "copy" anyone else's. I see things I like, and my brain starts to think "I could do that! All I have to do is..."

So here we are. I saw clips like these a few months ago, and I went home and made a few. Then, I found a collection of fabrics that would be perfect for these hairclips- so I bought it and made 35 of them. Then I felt guilty for copying the other girls clips, so I kept them to myself. A few weeks ago, I showed them to some of my friends that have little girls (or will have them soon) and they told me they liked my version better. So- I stopped feeling so guilty.

And as they say, "Imitation is the best form of flattery." (right?)

These are from the first set that I made.

Here are a few of the second batch I did. I changed them a little, don't know if you can tell from the photo but they are "fluffier". And I added some tulle.

These are a few from my latest batch. They are from a fabric collection called "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" I love them!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

apron's for everyone

Here are some of the apron's that I have made. Excuse some of the photography, it was winter, plus we live in a basement- and I couldn't get the lighting right.

(Lindsey's Wedding) I love Alexander Henry's Apples & Pears Fabric! (3/27/09)

(Kim) Farmers Market Fabrics by Michael Miller (1/07/09)

(me) Benartex & Moda Fabrics (1/15/09)

(my mom for Mother's Day 09) Alexander Henry's "Juicy" with Michael Miller's "Kid's check" (5/7/09)

(and yes I know that the print is indeed upside down. Leave it to me to make my mom a gift and mess it up!)


(my mom) and of course I had to make a matching kitchen towel...felted wool lemons on a yellow bamboo tea towel.

(Kristin's Wedding) Hello! Love the Robert Kaufman Cupcakes!! (2/14/09)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

lola's mobile and bunny

I made these for a friend of mine that I worked with. She had her sweet baby Lola in April. She painted the nursery walls a light pink with wide cocoa stripes, and her bedding was just off-white and very simple. So I made these delights to add color and fun. (I don't have a photo of the nursery...yet)


Saturday, March 21, 2009


My sister made me a kitty for my bridal shower, and I loved it so much I borrowed the pattern and made this lil gal...

The pattern is by Melly & Me. I have only seen their patterns at the fabric store (I think it's called Pine Needles) in Gardener Village. The dress that was included in the pattern was either not drawn right, or the directions for sewing it were wrong, because neither me or my mom could make it work. So I just made up a little dress for her. She is made out of vintage wool, with a Moda dress with felted wool flowers and a ribbon tie. Her face is also made with felted wool.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what a hoot!

Here is a lil owl that I made from felted wool. Dunno what I will do with him...yet.

(i was inspired by an owl on a sheet of scrapbook paper that I found...can't remember the name!)