Monday, August 19, 2013

felt ball mobile for Kelly

 photo IMG_9435_zps1b0807cd.jpg
Isn't this colorful mobile fun?

 photo IMG_9463_zps527deb6c.jpg
I just love making these! It's something I can do while watching tv, those kind of projects are so nice once in a while, right?

 photo IMG_9460_zps99502942.jpg
Email me if you would like your own custom mobile!

Friday, August 16, 2013

a Mr. Monkey for Mr. Henry

 photo IMG_9901_zps02ab39c9.jpg
Henry, my other not-really-but-sort-of nephew, is turning one. Since his big brother got his very own monkey when he turned one, (which he sleeps with every night and he is still looking good but also well loved) I was excited to make one for Henry to snuggle with too.

 photo IMG_9904_zps5c6d91ff.jpg
Henry's blue eyes are amazing, so his monkey has some too.

 photo IMG_9906_zps36aa44bb.jpg

 photo IMG_9909_zps0baae7ee.jpg

 photo IMG_9914_zpscee27393.jpg

 photo IMG_9918_zps4e7361d8.jpg
I regret not embroidering Van's name on his monkey, but whatever right?

 photo IMG_9920_zps95491191.jpg
Monkey butt!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a backpack for Van

 photo IMG_9857_zps2edce828.jpg
My oldest nephew is turning 3. THREE. Old enough to want to haul all of his beloved books and cars around. So when I found Made by Rae's toddler backpack pattern, I knew it was the perfect gift to make for him. 

*nephew meaning my close friend's kid.

 photo IMG_9865_zps98ce5c7b.jpg
His dad is a longtime friend of mine, and he is also an architect. So I knew I needed to appeal to his sense of design. So when I found this fabric- I nearly died.

 photo IMG_9870_zps7539c6e9.jpg
Look- piping AND a zipper?? 

 photo IMG_9853_zps624af0d1.jpg
...and a lining. Plus, I scotch guarded it. Boys and mud are BFF's.

 photo IMG_9873_zpsf0a07323.jpg
Such cute straps!

 photo IMG_9875_zps4f225417.jpg
I filled it with art supplies, books, and some Cars toys. Because Lightning McQueen and Mack are his favorite characters ever.

Monday, August 5, 2013

custom doll for emma

 photo IMG_9880_zps71974a81.jpg

Sweet Emma has felt eyes and a ribbon bow.

 photo IMG_9882_zps20ea04da.jpg

 photo IMG_9888_zps28f530f1.jpg

 photo IMG_0271_zpsb0288f36.jpg

 photo IMG_9895_zpsb4e1cece.jpg