Monday, April 8, 2013

yarn haired doll for iris

Next up, a yarn haired doll for Iris!

 photo IMG_8881-001_zps655d2b5c.jpg
I have been saving this beautiful japanese handkerchief for a special little girl.

 photo IMG_8884_zpsf41bea00.jpg

 photo IMG_8886-001_zps9c3b9cdc.jpg
A new version of the top knot. I learned a new technique from the amazingly talented Jill Hamor.
It's much more secure! I'm excited to try out some new hairstyles...soon.

 photo IMG_8890-001_zps9ffa5512.jpg
Love her lil shoes!

 photo IMG_8894-001_zpsdf1ee4fd.jpg

 photo IMG_8900-001_zpsa8d2994b.jpg
And look at those bloomers! Boy they sure are cute, even though they are a pain to make! Can't have nekkid dolls now can I?

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