Friday, April 5, 2013

velveteen rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is one of my most favorite books...ever. As a kid I would read it over and over, wishing I had a velvet rabbit to come real for me...

...I have made many bunnies throughout the years, all very cute, but I never found the perfect velveteen rabbit...

...then this amazing book came out. And it had a pattern that looked exactly like the one from my childhood version of the book.

So I knew that I had to make one for my nephew Henry for Easter. I have made many special things for his older brother Van, but this bunny needed to be just for Henry. 

 photo IMG_9017_zps4bf626da.jpg
I found this amazing german velvet at the fabric shop and I've been saving it for special projects only. Soft and fluffy white minky for the belly.

 photo IMG_8982-001_zpsa1b452fe.jpg
Look at that face!

 photo IMG_8986-001_zps183d3437.jpg

 photo IMG_9003-001_zpsd43ffbdb.jpg

 photo IMG_9007-001_zps9ef2b473.jpg
I had a hard time letting him go...

 photo IMG_9014_zps9f86e575.jpg
Look at that little tail! Awwww.

 photo IMG_9021_zpse1cf2c87.jpg
I went to buy the book to send with the bunny, and it had different illustrations! 


So I searched for the one that I remember so well...and I just didn't have time to find a copy in decent shape for a non ridiculous price in time for Easter. I'll keep lookin...but in the meantime, I hope it becomes Henry's favorite too!

And maybe someday I'll read it to him- I'll just have to prepare myself first because as an adult I bawl when I read it. And bawling while reading cute stories to kids kinda freaks them out. 


  1. I love it! (Of course!!!). The cream fabric looks so fuzzy. Is it regular minky? It looks so plush. And I love the real velvet!

    Love it!

  2. I am trying to find a pattern like this to make for my friends disabled granddaughter. I have the same book. Do you have a pattern I could buy? Thank You, Pam Stout:

  3. I have been searching for a rabbit to give my soon-to-be-here neice/nephew and this pattern would be perfect. Would you consider selling a copy of your pattern, or telling me where I can find one? Greatly appreciated. Erin.