Monday, March 3, 2014

foxy fox fox

 photo IMG_1950_zps2e52364e.jpg
I made this foxy awhile ago. I hated it once I'd finished it, so I stuffed it away, out of sight.

I based it on Larissa's Mikey Monkey pattern, but smaller, and a fox.

I think I just don't like fleece. It sews nice enough, but looks cheap.

I mean- not cheap cheap, but how much time it took, the finished product doesn't look as nice as I would like it to.

 photo IMG_1952_zpsfaabdc54.jpg
Giant safety eyes.

 photo IMG_1955_zps5737c89f.jpg

 photo IMG_1959_zps39f8d94b.jpg

 photo IMG_1963_zps9ced19f9.jpg
I do like his tail.

What do you think?

Should I do more work and add it to the shop?

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