Friday, March 7, 2014

baby quilt for Donovan

(All the info on how these quilt were made and so forth is in the previous post.)

Quilt #2:

 photo IMG_1820_zpsbd88d8dd.jpg
For Donovan Patrick.

 photo IMG_1778_zpsd707575b.jpg

 photo IMG_1780_zps396afe5b.jpg
Top 6 blocks.

 photo IMG_1782_zps1bf0abc1.jpg
Bottom 6 blocks.

 photo IMG_1790_zps74faa83f.jpg

 photo IMG_1801_zpsc93e3905.jpg
This chevron is amazing.

 photo IMG_1803_zps5daac6df.jpg
More turtles!

 photo IMG_1808_zps108cc0b9.jpg

 photo IMG_1811_zps311210e1.jpg
Initial block.

 photo IMG_1838_zps10229756.jpg

 photo IMG_1845_zps1d5be117.jpg
I hope you enjoy your quilts babies! 

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