Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a backpack for Van

 photo IMG_9857_zps2edce828.jpg
My oldest nephew is turning 3. THREE. Old enough to want to haul all of his beloved books and cars around. So when I found Made by Rae's toddler backpack pattern, I knew it was the perfect gift to make for him. 

*nephew meaning my close friend's kid.

 photo IMG_9865_zps98ce5c7b.jpg
His dad is a longtime friend of mine, and he is also an architect. So I knew I needed to appeal to his sense of design. So when I found this fabric- I nearly died.

 photo IMG_9870_zps7539c6e9.jpg
Look- piping AND a zipper?? 

 photo IMG_9853_zps624af0d1.jpg
...and a lining. Plus, I scotch guarded it. Boys and mud are BFF's.

 photo IMG_9873_zpsf0a07323.jpg
Such cute straps!

 photo IMG_9875_zps4f225417.jpg
I filled it with art supplies, books, and some Cars toys. Because Lightning McQueen and Mack are his favorite characters ever.

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