Monday, March 26, 2012

prince charming cathedral window pillow

I've been working on a quilt, featuring Tula Pink's Prince Charming fabric line- and it's gorgeous! It just got finished being quilted, and I'm looking forward to getting it back to I can get it bound and photographed for all to see.

In the meantime, I'll show you a little something I made with the scraps!

When I first saw the tutorial to make this Cathedral Window pillow, I wanted to make one right then. But I really didn't have an idea for what fabrics to use. I looked through my scraps trying to piece something together- but in the end I didn't like what I picked so I abandoned the project.

Then when I got finished with my quilt top- and I had all these little squares all over my sewing desk, I remembered this pillow and got right to work putting it together!

It was a lot of fun- and only a little bit frustrating. I loved sewing back the corners to reveal the fabric underneath! And my corners and middles are pretty off- but it's a pillow, and it was my first try, so who cares?

It already looks great on our bed and when I get the quilt finished it will look even better!

Last week I put these photos up on flickr- and Tula Pink saw them and featured one on her Facebook page! I was so excited I almost died!


  1. I saw this on Tula's facebook page! SO exciting!
    It is super eye catching & makes me think of bright spring flowers. Can't wait to see the quilt!

  2. Beautiful! Can you share the tutorial site?

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