Friday, February 24, 2012

sleepover pals for ruby

Ruby's birthday is tomorrow, and isn't she going to be so surprised when she opens up her gift!

It was Marci's (Ruby's mom) idea to have the fun colored hair. It worked out so perfectly! I have had this stash of bright bamboo felt that dosen't quite match anything, so it's been sitting for months. I went through my 90 color pile of wool felt looking for the perfect shades to match their clothes, and found nothing. I had almost given up, when I spied the orange peeking out of the corner of my felt scrap bin- and there they were. A perfect match.

This set of Sleepover Pals is very special, and very unique. I found scraps of this Santorini fabric that has been out of print for years- and if I cut it out very carefully- I could get 3 totally different yet 3 totally coordinating dolls. Don't the flowers look like stained glass? I'm sad I didn't get more of this fabric when it was out.

They are ready for Ruby to tuck them in, over and over again.

Happy Birthday Ruby!!

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  1. Jessica!!
    These little babes are beautiful! They couldn't have turned out more perfectly! It's nearly impossible from me to wait to give these to Ruby. She is going to adore her dolls! You are so talented!! I can't wait for my next custom order! You're fantastic to work with and you create the most amazing little treasures! Thanks again!!