Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm kind of obsessed with this book.

Isn't she adorable? I had to make one. Had to.

Meet Penelope.

Loo-loo named her while we were watching the movie Penelope- have you seen it? It's so cute- and I want her bedroom. Really do. That swing! Ohhhh.


Since I don't have or know any little girls readily available to be my model, I had to hang it on the wall for an action shot.

Such a sweet face, and the hair...so cute and so easy.

I have been coveting the new Moda fabric line called It's a Hoot, and I think it works perfectly. All I had to buy were 5 fat quarters and some felt. This was a really fun, really easy project.

Another fun little girlie thing to go in my already huge collection of Things For Our Future Children. Just so you know I have everything for a play kitchen- except the kitchen. Play food, silverware, plates, pots, pans...and when the time comes, I have a DIY to make a play kitchen.