Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the Ms.

I got this amazing book, (by Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls) and I saw the Katie Kitty pattern and just had to make one for Maloree for Christmas. But first, I had to make a practice one...for me.

Meet Ms. Olive Kat.

I found this soft brown sweater-ish fabric at Hobby Lobby awhile ago and it was perfect for this kitten.

I used the scraps from the Liberty Bibs to make her dress.

I love these shoes- so tiny and adorable.

I made my sister's out of a silky black fabric- I am obsessed with making animals out of silky fabrics, they are so much more cuddly than just cotton or felt and also a little fancier.

Ms. Eleanor Kat and Maloree.

I made her some shoes too- but they kept slipping off. Duh.

I still think she is fancy without them.