Wednesday, July 10, 2013

new aprons, finally!

 photo IMG_9563_zpsf4eb6020.jpg
I love this funky floral print by Michael Miller.

 photo IMG_9567_zps20f97b44.jpg
I paired it with lime green ties and a pin dot black ruffle.

 photo IMG_9539_zps0fe4a14c.jpg

 photo IMG_9552_zpse5d4924c.jpg
I'm in love with this whole line, it's called Hello Gorgeous and it certainly is!

 photo IMG_9557_zps75e84d9e.jpg

 photo IMG_9546_zps673af202.jpg
I'm so happy that grey is still so in. I just love it with light blues and pinks.

 photo IMG_9548_zpscdbb9494.jpg
So pretty.

 photo IMG_9527_zpsab445cf7.jpg

Available in the shop!

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