Monday, June 21, 2010

giveaway winners

So I had a giveaway awhile back on my personal blog- and only 4 people entered. So I decided that they all won.

2 of them are having babies soon, so I wanted to wait until they found out what they are having before making anything for them.


Allisen is having a boy, and she likes cats, so I made the little one a kitty pillow using fabric that coordinates with the fabric she picked for his bedding.

Kim is having a girl, and since I don't know what/if she has picked colors for her nursery yet, I gave her some of my new blankies!

Lauren loves to make cupcakes- so I gave her this Cupcake Apron.

And Melissa requested hair clips- so when she picks what she wants, I will send them to her!

Sorry it took me so long guys!