Friday, September 28, 2012

felt ball mobile for baby charlie

My friend Kim is having a baby boy, and she wanted a felt ball mobile for his nursery.

(photo from Serena and Lily website)

The bedding is from Serena and Lily- it's called Ben. She wanted accents of brown and grey added, since there are elements of those colors already in the room.

I learned a few things from making this mobile:

It takes a lot of practice to get these balls looking perfect,

It takes a lot more wool than you think,

and if left unattended, you cat will steal as many balls as she can. Luckily, only one was sacrificed in the making of this mobile.

Seriously, it was driving her crazy that I wouldn't let her have all of them. She would cry and whine and paw at them, like they were made out of ham or something. It's so weird that cats love wool!

I  finished it and I didn't like it. I ended up with not enough balls and no wool left over, so I had to order some more, then make some more balls.  And instead of just adding them to the finished mobile, I took it apart and re-did the whole thing.  

 I started with fishing line, but that stuff just doesn't knot well enough! So I used perle cotton instead, which worked fantastically. I also polished up the not so perfect balls with a felting needle.

I really do love how it turned out!

It was in a half finished pile the other day, and the kid I'm tutoring asked me, "what are all those things for??" So I lifted it up to show him, and explain what it was, and he said "WOW!" That's awesome! It's for a baby? But I like it too!"

Great news Kim- your little boy will love it even when he's older.

Matilda the kitty was just dying when I hung it over the bed to take these photos. It was just out of her reach, and she was trying so hard to get at them!

Sorry kitten- this is not for you. It's for baby Charlie!

I can't wait to see photos of sweet Charlie, who should be here any minute. I sent this off asap as is is the final touch of the nursery and Kim has been waiting so very patiently for me to finish it!


  1. Yay!!! It came late yesterday and I love it!! I am finishing the last little details in there and I will take some pictures. Charlie is scheduled to arrive on Monday and I can't wait to bring him home to his new special space!!!.
    Thanks Jess!! xox